Floating luxury vinyl products offer great benefits especially through their installation method. This product is so easy to install that you can do it yourself! It is easy to maintain and waterproof, giving you a worry-free flooring.

Can be installed on all floor levels

Resistant to pet stains

Suitable for use over embedded heating systems

Easy to install

100% Waterproof

Antimicrobial surface finish


At Beaulieu, offering safe products is key. Floating Luxury Vinyl is no exception to the promise that all products are tested to ensure that the flooring you purchase reaches and surpasses quality standards.

Beaulieu Lab Certified ®

Ensures that the floor covering you're buying surpasses industry quality standards.

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FloorScore® Certified

Certifies compliance with rigorous indoor air quality requirements.

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Luxury vinyl planks or tiles can be installed in three different ways depending on the technology used. The first step in choosing a beautiful and lasting flooring is choosing the right installation method.

The locking system technology on luxury vinyl derives itself from laminate flooring. Locking luxury vinyl is to be installed without adhesive, floating directly over the subfloor. This glueless installation method is cost and time-efficient for any quick renovation project. Just like a puzzle, put the pieces together to create a beautiful look.

For full installaltion instructions, please download our Floating Installation Guide.

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Installation of a perimeter-glued flooring is a breeze; get your subfloor ready and lay the planks or tiles down unto it. Just like a frame and to ensure better stability, the flooring must be glued, using a pressure sensitive adhesive, to the substrate around the perimeter of the room. If ever a plank or tile becomes damaged, all you need to do is remove it and lay a new one in its place. It takes little to no time before you can walk over your new flooring.

1. Lay the planks

2. Perimeter glue

... and voilà! You have a new floor!



Glue-down planks or tiles are to be glued directly to the entire surface of the substrate using a proper adhesive. Glue-down flooring is highly resistant to rolling loads and the risk of product gapping is non-existent. This type of installation is a sturdy and lasting way to install luxury vinyl.


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