A Tidal cottage

It's sunny, it's warm, we're getting out of this pandemic faster and faster, and our priorities seem to be changing along with it. And it's a very strong trend. We seem to understand a little better the meaning of certain values such as well-being and health.

For many this year, this famous well-being is summarized in the acquisition of a cottage in “The woods of tranquility” or in “The forest of fresh air”. And for others, it's the desire to renovate the already well-placed "cabin", as if to congratulate oneself on the efforts made and reward oneself for the many sacrifices of the long months behind us... And we must admit, prolonging the inhalation of fresh air all week long, thanks to remote work, which has become a daily and lasting reality for many.

Here at Beaulieu Canada, we realized that we were no exception to the rule. Everyone is talking about their cottage and the little friendly competition between the "lake ones" and the "seaside ones" has started again. Beyond everyone's taste for the ultimate place to rest and escape, there is a common desire for renewal, and this is where the "Quest for the Ideal Product" began, whether for the lake or the sea.

So we asked our experts from different departments here to give us a hand. Even though there are a ton of different products from Beaulieu Canada that are perfectly adaptable to both situations, and because we wanted a winner, they came to the conclusion that the Tidal line reflected "The Perfect cottage 2021" very well!

Tidal is a rigid engineered luxury vinyl. Imagine, it's 100% waterproof, so who cares about the sea or the lake? You don't want to go to the cottage to spend the weekend cleaning! Tidal is easy to install. You won't finish in October, you'll enjoy your free time much sooner... Tidal is robust and can withstand extreme temperatures (-20 to 50°C). Tidal is far from being a compromise, it is definitely a first choice to consider.

The Tidal collection is available in several colors and models. Our favorites are the Evandale, the Fundy and the Grand Bay. But taste is relative... You have to see them, it would make The Little House On The Prairie look like a palace!

In other words, by the sea or by the lake, in the forest or on the side of the highway, take care of your well-being, your health and your cottage, a cottage signed Tidal.