In our "In the style of…" series of posts, we asked some of Beaulieu Canada employees to share with us what makes them tick when it comes to decorating. This week, Chantal Le Riche, Director of Credit and Administration, tells us about her various tastes, but which always follow a logic, a theme.


In fact, Chantal's environment is quite consistent with her beautiful personality. Both at work and at home. Just think of the team she leads. Several people from different backgrounds, with equally varied experiences, but who form a very coherent and united team.

Her home in Richmond is just as harmonious. You know, there are those people who have a talent for bringing together a multitude of completely disparate elements to make a whole, in a balanced theme. Sometimes colorful, sometimes more subdued, modern and old, country and urban. There's always an element that links one room to the next. Of course, we can sense that it's different, but it's consistent!

Liking the differences

Chantal is like that. A gentle personality who loves tranquility, nature, light, but also, a personality that willingly adapts to her surroundings. And that's probably why she seems to feel so good at home.

In both her professional and social life, Chantal is the one who loves differences and likes to combine them... just to see. She does the same with her decoration. And what an eye she has!

The simplicity of carpet tiles

For her basement, Chantal opted for carpet tiles. By her own admission, it's total happiness! "Look, my boyfriend has trouble telling the difference between a nail and a hammer, we're not very good at big projects, and we did it ourselves, in no time! We have pets, including a small puppy. A small dog can make a big mess when it's not housebroken yet. When we bought the carpet tiles, we took some extras. When there's a damage, we change the tile in two minutes, without anyone noticing!", says Chantal.

Versatility is perfect

Chantal chose turquoise for her carpet tiles. "There were so many interesting colors", she says. She finds this product ideal for her basement. Comfortable, easy to care for, and perfect for those who get cold feet easily. Plus, Chantal says that if she ever gets tired of the design, it's easy to buy more tiles in a different color to create a checkerboard pattern, for example.

At Beaulieu Canada, there's no shortage of carpet tiles! You will fall in love with Allure, Appeal, Tectonic, Dynamo, just to name a few. And they're not just for the basement!  Imagine the noise reduction with this product when you work at home.