Beaulieu's Favorite : Horacio

In our Beaulieu’s Favorites series of posts, we asked Beaulieu Canada employees to share with us what makes them tick. This week, it's the turn of our Portuguese sun, Horacio, Vice-President of Architecture and Design Specification, to share with us his decorative tastes. Ai, ai, ai, Muito quente!

Knowing how to find the beautiful

When Horacio talks to you, it's with sunshine in his eyes and the Mediterranean in his voice. So it's not surprising that his taste in decorations exudes the human warmth that is so special to him. Horacio loves everyone. He is a person who lights up when he is surrounded by people. Like his professional and interpersonal relationships, he knows how to find the beautiful and the unique in the young, the old, the flayed or the new.

Azulejos, between traditions and modern life

For him, our environment should represent our daily life, our personality, our origins and our current reality. Horacio breathes in a modern decor with clean lines and a European touch. He likes a perfect decor, slightly broken up by a reminder of history, nature, origin.

Horacio may design his decor with an inspiration of azulejo, a colorful tile from his native country, and surround it with carpet tiles of different shades to make a modern pattern, or with an engineered luxury vinyl for warmth and naturalness. How about an engineered luxury vinyl from the Style collection, with which you can create herringbone patterns reminiscent of Europe. Horacio is a balance of tradition and modern living.

The good humor of an eclectic decor

Knowing all this about our Portuguese sunshine, it's easy to imagine him opting for an Aitutaki or Chuuk style laminate, or even the Souvenir from Italy carpet to go for an azulejo-like style. He would easily marry his first choice with, as mentioned above, an engineered luxury vinyl from the Style collection, not only for the great possibility of realizable patterns, but also for the very trendy tones. As would Mozart engineered hardwood or the Fresque collection of rigid engineered luxury vinyl

In other words, no matter what the environment, Horacio will bring the sunshine and good humor of an eclectic decor. And if you see him, don't forget your sunglasses... Tchau beleza!