Beaulieu's Favorite : Manon

Manon, between nature and the natural

In our "Beaulieu’s Favorites" series of posts, we asked Beaulieu Canada employees to share with us what makes them tick. This week, Manon Rivest, Human Resources Coordinator, shares with us her taste in décor, for wood and green, for clean lines and warm materials.

All-rounder Granny

Manon is the mother of a boy and two girls (twins). But she's also the grandmother of an adorable one year old girl!  Even though the children are grown up, Manon can't help but prepare "ready-to-eat" meals to make it easier for them. But we suspect that the pleasure of giving and caring outweighs her children's gratitude for mom's food.

Manon is the one who never stops. If she's not at work, she's on the water kayaking or spending every minute of her time on her passions and hobbies. Making soaps, candles, bath bombs and a host of other body and home products.

You'd think she'd go to bed after that... but no! The tireless colleague, a native of Montreal, draws her energy from nature, trees, water, flowers, etc. The countryside suits her to perfection.

Manon tells us that she renovated her entire house, keeping only the shell. Same thing for the previous one. So, she knows a lot about renovation and decoration! Beware, Granny tinkers knows how to handle the hammer!

Purity and open spaces

At Manon's house, one might think of the exterior as an extension of her home and vice versa. The clean and modern lines blend perfectly with the elements of nature… wood, metal, space and the ease of moving from one room to another.

Manon doesn't hesitate to think outside the box when it comes to renovating and decorating. The wood she wants doesn't have to be on the floor. On a countertop, it's perfect.

Since she loves having her little family around, there's a lot of traffic in the house. A durable floor covering is a must. For the basement, vinyl planks offer all the resistance and style she needs. She could easily go with the "Elegant" series from the "Style" collection. A product that combines durability, ease of maintenance and, as its name suggests, elegance.

The main living space is not left out

Manon leaves nothing to chance. The main living space of the house must allow her to see all her wonderful people. She likes open spaces where the air and the sun circulate, at the same rhythm as the family love.

She could opt for an engineered wood like the "Cavanal" from the "Hilltop" collection, perfectly compatible with a radiant floor. The shades are modern yet timeless. It's the perfect match for bringing nature indoors.

Manon could also choose a "Bengal" laminate from the "Epik" collection for its durability and realistic wood look.

The energy never fails

One project after the other! One thing is certain, Manon will continue to take care of herself and her family in an environment where she feels comfortable. Close to nature, close to the elements that are important to her.