Beaulieu's Favorite : Martin

In our Beaulieu’s Favorites series of posts, we asked Beaulieu Canada employees to share with us what makes them tick. This week, Martin, our web editor, shares with us his decorating tastes that are nothing short of paradoxical.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that
It's hard to describe one particular style of decorating for Martin. And it's like that in all aspects of his life. As for music... from Diana Krall to Metallica, from Charles Aznavour to The Cult. And we're not talking about cinema, that's even more paradoxical. With Martin, it's always a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It's his balance.

Difference makes unity
When it comes to decorating, Martin knows how to choose elements that are completely different but that go perfectly together. The "little kit that fits" is definitely not for him. He likes a new and modern element coordinated with an old one, bought at a garage sale, and refurbished if necessary. According to Martin, in decor or in life, it's the difference that makes the unity.

Of course, for someone like Martin, for whom everything is a paradox, it may seem difficult to find something perfectly suited to his taste. But Beaulieu Canada has made it its mission to have something for everyone... even Martin! That's why it wasn't hard for him to fall for the very eclectic Aitutaki! Imagine, this laminate can be installed in the kitchen or in the half bathroom since it is water resistant, and it can even be installed on the walls! A product that has only good qualities! Ideal for families with pets, the Aitutaki is stain and scratch resistant. It's a good thing, Martin loves animals. Since he also likes to walk barefoot, needs peace and quiet and is budget conscious, this affordable solution contains a built-in membrane for comfort and improved soundproofing.