Engineered Hardwood, a Choice to Consider

Starting a renovation or new construction project involves several crucial steps. One of them is the selection of floor coverings. Several options and trends are available to appeal to all tastes and home styles. Since the latest trend has been towards a natural look and matte is in the spotlight, we would like to introduce you to a choice to enhance your home: engineered hardwood flooring.

Engineered hardwood flooring brings out the natural beauty of the tree. This return to the raw material appeals to designers, who love it! And we understand why! Wood is a material that is elegant, comfortable, warm, classic and timeless. In addition to all these characteristics, wood also adds value to a home.


Wide Planks and Natural Shades for a “Wow” Effect
Engineered hardwood flooring with long, wide planks and light colors is very trendy. Why? Because it enlarges the room, bringing a light and classic look. For a more urban and contemporary look, wood flooring in pale but warm colors is a choice to consider.

When we think of hardwood, we undoubtedly think of the nobleness of this material. The trend towards wider planks is very interesting. It goes without saying that long and wide planks invite a more luxurious and grandiose decor. One of the main advantages is that no two planks are the same. Each plank is unique!

As for trends, a matte finish is preferred to a glossy one and light colors are preferred over dark ones. The great thing about wood is that because the colors are natural, they are versatile. They harmonize as much for a classic decor as they do for an urban interior design. In a nutshell, always keep in mind that with hardwood flooring, house style and room size may require a different look than the trends. Light colors give a rougher, more natural look.

Essence and Lifestyle
With more than a dozen wood species to choose from, you may need a little help when selecting engineered hardwood flooring. Each species offers different characteristics, grains and knots, adding a unique touch to any room. That’s why it’s important to ask the experts for advice on these aspects, not to mention the grade of wood that will determine the most important visual aspect, other than color. The key is to make a final choice based on the room where the flooring will be installed and lifestyle habits (frequent visits, children playing, pets running around, etc.).

Our engineered hardwood collections offer hardwoods such as hickory and white oak. These species are well suited for high-traffic areas. Some woods have a more apparent grain that will influence the visual appearance. A major advantage is that it hides the wear and tear of time.


Engineered Hardwood, a Choice to Consider
With engineered hardwood, you’re sure to get an authentic look and a product that uses natural resources. Leaving a reduced ecological footprint, it represents an eco-friendly purchase, as well as offering durability for many years.

Engineered hardwood floor coverings are composed of a multi-layer structure that stabilizes the flooring? and increases its resistance to temperature and humidity variations, allowing installations over embedded radiant heating subfloors. When the wood layer is at least 2 mm thick, it can also be sanded. Thanks to its multi-layer structure, which allows it to be installed at all levels of your home, this flooring is an excellent choice, even for a basement installation!

So, ready to make your choice? We have several suggestions for you!