Evolution - Colors close to nature

Timeless fashions are often popular because we are sure that they will last over the years and that it will not be necessary to redecorate an entire room. You may already know this, but the importance of the bathroom has changed a lot. Indeed, it is now one of the most functional rooms in the house. In order to define the style of your next bathroom décor, here are a few design elements that will be at the top this year.

Even today, you can’t go wrong with styles of tiles and imitation of ceramics. It’s true, this is a classic of modern bathrooms. There are floor coverings that are 100% waterproof and have an antimicrobial surface finish. A must for this type of room that can be exposed to humidity and water splashes! For even more personalization, dare to choose colorful accents. And why not with your floor covering?

In terms of storage and furnishings, some designers agree that one of the trends for 2020 is the console-style vanity. Not surprisingly, we can accumulate a lot of stuff in the bathroom. Compared to a massive piece of furniture, a console-style vanity gives the illusion of having more space, an aspect not to be underestimated if your bathroom is relatively small.

When it comes to trendy color palettes, nature-like colors such as blue, pumpkin red and yellow are very popular and marble and geometric patterns are always unbeatable. If you opt for a biophilic (nature-inspired) décor, you could even add some barn wood to harmonize it with your plants. As for metals, although brushed stainless steel seems to be on the decline, the golden finish is a must in 2020.

The possibilities in the bathroom are almost endless. Have fun with the trends and don’t hesitate to combine the ones that speak to you the most.


As a source of inspiration, here’s a product that might be interesting for you!
The Evolution loose lay luxury vinyl collection is perfect for places and spaces where there is a lot of action! The wear layer of its planks and tiles undoubtedly pass the durability test. What is also interesting is its versatility. It is possible to match the planks with the tiles. Our Evolution planks offer a sleek and modern wood look and come in six different colors, while our tiles, with their vibrant colors of orange, green, turquoise and greys, will brighten any urban décor. So, you can combine colors to create an even more stunning style!

  • - Easy to install. Just lay the planks and voilà - a new floor!
  • - Easy to maintain
  • - UV-cured polyurethane coating for notable resistance
  • - 100% Waterproof
  • - Antimicrobial surface finish
  • - Resistant to pet stains