Nathalie Beauchemin
Alive and kicking

When you meet Nathalie Beauchemin, you immediately realize that she's a girl full of energy, dynamic and straightforward. You can see it, but you don't know how much! Nathalie is now a sampling coordinator, the department she particularly likes at Beaulieu Canada.


Nathalie is the outspoken one who looks you in the eyes when she talks to you. Yes, you know, the colleague who is always plugged into the 220V? Well, you recognize her now? That's it! The Roxton Falls native wasn't originally destined to work at Beaulieu Canada over twenty years ago. For her, it was only temporary.

The Baby Plan

At the age of 18, while studying computer science at Cégep, Nathalie welcomed the pride of her life, her son. Her plans had to change drastically and she had to find a job that would allow her to live well and provide for her baby, until she could go back to school and start over. She didn't beat around the bush and went straight to Beaulieu Canada! She knew what she wanted, she knew the benefits and the salary of the company and she didn't want a plan B, she already had the "Plan Baby"...

Her other "baby"

It often happened to Nathalie that she was able to demonstrate what she could do. First a few years at the Acton Vale mill, then at the Wickham mill, then, since 2006, back to Acton Vale at the current plant. She feels like she's worked on every square inch of all these places, and she certainly has. In 2015, she became a sampling foreman and is one of the very few people who have literally put the department together in its current form. "Sampling is my baby. I'm very attached to it. It's what makes me the happiest and proudest of all my years at Beaulieu," says the woman whose other baby, the first, is now a 24-year-old man.

It's time to move on!

But outside of work, energy is not lost, far from it! Nathalie is athletic. Baseball, but especially Dek Hockey. She's a fanatic! "I have to keep moving! I won't stay at home and do nothing, no way! If I'm invited, whether it's for an activity or a simple dinner, I go! I am very active and I am stressful, even at work! Stressful, but efficient!"  She says with a laugh.

We asked her what she thinks her colleagues and friends say about her. First, they had better tell her personally before they tell anyone else. Nathalie is a straightforward and honest girl, and that's what she expects in return. But for the sake of answering the question, she tells us that those around her know that she has character, that she likes to have fun and that she is a hard worker. And we certainly won't hold her to that!

No regrets

Nathalie even found the time, while working full time and raising a young child, to do 2 DEP in secretarial and accounting in 2004-2005. She still uses them today, in her new position.

A short time ago, she decided to leave her position at Beaulieu Canada for another company. She returned after six months. No regrets, it was a necessary step. Nathalie is not the type to regret any decision. But she feels good, she feels in her element, in the right place. We wish her and, quite selfishly, we wish her to stay with us for a long time.