Fresque - Bringing laundry rooms back to life

Every week, we perform various tasks to improve our quality of life and our home environment. Doing the laundry is one of them, and it’s not necessarily at the top of our list of favorite things to do. However, is it really the fact of washing our clothes in the machine that takes away the desire to do this chore or is it the layout of the laundry room that is not optimal? Generally speaking, a practical and well-organized laundry room helps us appreciate this task a little more.

Practical things such as cabinets or shelves for storing household products, sheets or towels for example, make it possible to have everything in one place. Also, if you can set up a countertop to make it easier to fold your clothes, it saves you from having to do it in another room and allows you to be more comfortable by having the appropriate space.

For several years now, many decorating trends have been very inspiring in bringing laundry rooms back to life. Colorful cabinets, good lighting, fun wallpaper, storage baskets, retractable modules integrated into the furniture to hang the clothes are excellent ideas to embellish this room and make it functional.

Refreshing the look of your laundry room at home with inexpensive changes will give it personality and an inviting vibe. Finally, doing laundry won’t be boring at all!


To inspire you, here’s a product that might be of interest to you!
The Fresque collection offers tiles with very interesting visuals for a décor that is modern, timeless and reflects your personality. You will be charmed by the black, grey and white marble hues, by the travertine styles, as well as by the funky visuals reminiscent of subtle lace. Faithful to the features of HydraLuxe Rigid, the high-density rigid core is perfect for extreme temperatures (-4 to 122 °F/-20 to 50 °C), which is very interesting for basements and cottages! In addition, its wear layer is very resistant and its foam backing provides warmth, comfort and additional soundproofing.