Oceania - Perfect for the cottage

The cottage is a place where people go to relax, recharge their batteries, do outdoor activities or just spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. It is therefore the ideal place to dare a totally different décor from that of the principal residence. Warm colors, contrasting textures, furniture and decorative accessories made of various materials are a new playground for your creativity! Whether you are more of the rustic or modern type, nothing stops you from mixing these styles.

Everything can be decorated, the exterior, the bathrooms, the walls… and every room must be friendly and soothing. That's why creating a relaxing environment with large throws, cushions and sofas is a key element in making room for comfort. Raw and natural materials such as wood, concrete and metals, will bring an authentic and original touch. For example, objects such as wooden countertops or a copper sink in a kitchen are reminiscent of raw materials and give an elaborate look.

The most important is that your cottage is in sync with your personality and provides a haven of peace.

Oceania is a collection with a good quality-price value, thanks to the advantages of its construction and its wood visuals in various color choices from pale beige to blond and through grey, brown and caramel. The medium embossed finish of the wear layer adds a more realistic aspect to the wood look. Its foam backing provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Speaking of thermal insulation, the products of the Oceania collection can be installed in 3-season cottages (-4 to 122 °F/-20 to 50 °C). Perfect to make your stay at the cottage even more enjoyable!