Reflect+ - A satisfying choice for your décor

Did you know that there are several types of dining rooms? Whether it's a room in your kitchen or a separate room, or whether it’s combined with the living room, the dining room offers you an opportunity to express yourself through the look you give it. Whether you use your dining room frequently or only for special occasions, several trends can make you want to redecorate it.

The most common type of dining room is the one where it's right in the kitchen. Many people opt for a countertop or kitchen island to separate these two rooms. A small round table with a few chairs is often added. This kitchen-dining room format is very practical and offers a larger work surface. So the décor could be the same as your kitchen, which is very trendy to create a space with the character of a loft. If your dining room is a separate room, you have carte blanche to design a new décor! The classic style is still very fashionable in 2020. Take the opportunity to choose an elegant or bold color to match the desired interior design. To modernize the classic style, why not choose a metallic wallpaper that will add boldness? Velvet chairs can also be interesting for a neoclassical look. Then, if your dining room is combined with your living room, you may also want to bring out a warm, classic feel.

As a floor covering, sheet vinyl is very versatile thanks to its almost infinite range of patterns with visuals that can recreate wood, stone, tiles, ceramic, and more! The choice of your flooring is significantly important in your décor. There is something for every taste and every budget! In addition, sheet vinyl returns to its original shape after being subjected to pressure from heavy objects. Nothing less for a dining room! All you have to do is shout, “Dinner’s ready!”


Thanks to NaturQuest, an improved emboss technology, the Reflect+ collection offers bright colors and even more realistic textures. Reflect+ brings a lot of benefits such as competitive pricing, trendy new graphics and it's easy to install and maintain.

The Reflect+ sheet vinyl collection features a wide range of designs, from beautiful wood visuals to ceramic-like tiles and finally the undeniable marble. A satisfying choice for your décor.

Dust and liquids cannot penetrate inside the joints as it would for real ceramic since the products in this collection do not have any joints. Waterproof and stain resistant, Reflect+ is perfect for active households. No more worries about keeping your shoes indoors! And children and pets will be able to play and run as they please.

  • - Competitive pricing
  • - Antibacterial
  • - Pet-friendly
  • - Slip resistant
  • - Warm, quiet and comfortable underfoot