A Leger survey on post-pandemic telework was conducted last spring. The question: In your opinion, after the pandemic, should employers who can do so maintain telework for their employees? 79% of Quebecers answered yes. This is not surprising, since the first thing this generation looks for when it comes to finding a new job is quality of life. Well before salary, pension funds and insurance.

Knowing how to choose the right elements

Working from home requires preparation, adaptation and discipline. It even goes as far as maintaining a certain balance, sometimes mental and sometimes physical.

First, you have to know how to choose the right equipment. Some companies provide everything you need to work as if you were in the office. Some will even go so far as to provide you with the right furniture. Otherwise, it will be important to think long-term. The purchase of an ergonomic chair for example. It is an investment, but tax deductible.

We need a certain routine

It is important to maintain a certain work routine. Family life is now literally on the other side of your office door, but don't forget that you are still at work. You have to get used to it, but the rest of the family and even pets will have to do so as well.

If you can, have one phone just for work and one for personal use. Don't use your personal phone to take messages from work and don't use your business phone to make personal calls. Also, leave it on your desk, closed, when you finish your day and close the door.

You also need to keep in touch with other people. These are times you need to give yourself. So is exercise. Even walking a few less steps a day makes a big difference. Especially now that your fridge is even closer than before. Take a walk on your breaks, get some fresh air, get moving. It's good for your physical health as well as your mental health.

The perfect space

You need a space specifically dedicated to work.You should not work at the kitchen table, whether you live alone or not. It's even better if you can use one computer just for work and another for personal use. Open your dedicated work computer when you start your day and turn it off when you finish. Just like you would at the office. By having a dedicated room for work, you'll be able to better separate your work from your personal life.

Create the perfect environment

To create the perfect environment that will maximize comfort, soundproofing and, ultimately, productivity, the ideal Beaulieu product is carpet! If you have a job that requires you to welcome clients into your office, we suggest a product like Cheshire which comes in 12 colors. It's durable, easy to clean and has a chic, timeless look. A looped carpet that will not offer any resistance to the rolling of your chair.

For those who can easily work shoeless and want great comfort, elegance and timeless quality, we offer the Tryesse collection, like the classic Escape To Maui, Clay Beige. A mix of cut and loop carpet, which gives it a beautiful, comfortable, elegant dimension. You'll feel like you're in your own cozy little cocoon and more productive than ever. To work well, you need comfort from head to toe.

Enjoy your work!