Three popular carpets for Canadian homes

It’s no longer a secret that we are proud to offer carpets made in Canada! Our primary goal is to meet the needs of people from here. Our carpets are developed in-house by our research and development team with the cooperation of our designers. Thanks to their many hours of documentation, color testing and inspiration, they create a complete product that suits your lifestyle. It’s with dedicated employees like them that we can offer you the best when it comes to carpet.

Although our product offering is very diversified, you are probably wondering which carpet styles are the most popular… Well, we have identified the top three of our most dominant patterned carpets for Canadian homes. They are all part of our Tryesse Pro brand, which offers carpets made from polyester fiber, a coveted fiber that combines softness and performance. Even after years of use, they will never wear off or wash off.

According to 2019, our top three patterned carpets are Souvenir from Italy (A1746), Escape to Bali (A1732) and Souvenir from Spain (A1740).

Souvenir from Italty (A1746)

Escape to Bali (A1746)

Souvenir from Spain (A1740)

All modern designs that add an interesting visual touch to any décor. Whether it’s for a bedroom, your living room or your basement, be sure your guests will notice and love them! Among the most loved colors for these styles, we find Macramé (14722), Pilgrim's Path (89816) and Hail Cloud (89811).

Color: Macramé

Color: Pilgrim's Path

Color: Hail Cloud

In other words, we are not running out of ideas to impress you and satisfy you! Don’t forget to consult the “about” section of our carpets to learn more about the different choices, constructions, certifications and more!