Time for change

In a place where every future step has an impact on our social aspirations and global health, sustainable initiatives are not an option, they are the new standard. Thinking ahead in bringing new and creative solutions towards changing mentalities is where it all starts. Creating a better environment is a long-term plan. It’s a social gesture and a commitment we strongly believe in.

The belief that the more you possess, the more powerful you are has changed forever. Quality over quantity has definitely taken precedence over consumerism trends. Have we achieved as much as we could in terms of sustainability? It’s a question we should all ask ourselves. To reflect on our recycling and composting practices in all our personal and professional environments is eye-opening. Are we doing everything possible to give all objects a second life? Are we engaged in a social activity or community that brings people together to give back or create something new? Are we doing everything we can to live a healthy life? These are all questions that we have recently answered and for which we have decided that right now is a time for change. Change can take time, but it’s all about being open-minded.

Connecting brands, projects and people is what inspired Beaulieu Canada to launch this new campaign. In order to demonstrate more intent at each step of the process, Beaulieu Canada encourages its retailers and flooring users to do the same. Conscious Design is just that.

Take care of your environment and make every effort to bring positivity to your peers, your colleagues, your organization and yourself. Trends around and beyond us need to be shared and that’s what we are committing to. With our various themes, we will explore Environmental, Social and Health trends and products in the hope of encouraging better practices.

Conscious design is a global message we want to share among our community because we believe it is beyond our own voice and actions.