You fell in love with it?

Time to bring it home!

How does it work?

Our online sample ordering system allows you to try up to 6 free samples of floor covering at home before making the final purchase. You only pay a flat fee of $20 for delivery, no matter which sample you select!

In store?

  • Look for following tent card
  • Scan the QR code on the poster with your smartphone 



Once on our floor visualizer website

1. Choose one of the proposed scenes or

2. Upload a photo of your own room at home

3. Choose your favourite floor covering product 

4. View it in the room

5. Change the installation direction of if needed

6. Press the "Order a sample" button on the left

7. Proceed to checkout or continue shopping!


AND VOILÀ! Flooring sample delivered right to your door!


50$ Coupon

You tried it and your initial choice is still giving you butterflies? Use the included $50 coupon towards your future purchase!

Your perfect match is only a couple of clicks away!