Learn all you need to know about engineered hardwood!

Hardwood flooring enhances the décor of any room by providing timeless beauty that will increase in value throughout the years. Warm, both visually and to the touch, wood flooring comes in many species, plank widths, stains and finishes to fit your unique lifestyle and practical needs.

Engineered hardwood construction

These floors combine the classic appearance of solid hardwood with the added benefit of technology which stabilizes your floors. Engineered hardwood floors consist of three to ten layers called plies that are glued together. The multi-ply structure adds stability and resistance to moisture and temperature changes. It can be installed on, above or below grade level due to its multi-layered construction, making it a great choice for finished basements.

Why should you choose engineered hardwood?

With engineered hardwood, you get the most classic and authentic look,  and a product that uses the most natural resources. Leaving a reduced eco-footprint, it allows a better environmentally-focussed purchase. Engineered hardwood offers durability for years to come.

Resistant to normal changes in temperature

Reduced eco-footprint

Suitable for use over embedded heating systems

Can be installed on all floor levels

Understanding wood species

There are literally hundreds of wood species to choose from when deciding on the perfect hardwood flooring for your home such as Red Oak, White Oak, Birch, Canadian maple, Hickory or Walnut. Each species yields different colours, textures and styles that will add a unique touch to your living space. Many factors from the nature of the wood to the way it was cut, can affect its appearance. Wood species are also categorized as either domestic or exotic. Domestic wood species refers to any wood that is grown and harvested in North America. Exotic wood species are harvested outside of North America. The majority of Beaulieu Canada’s wood species are domestic:

White Oak
Perfect for creating a traditional wood floor, White Oak is slightly softer than red oak and less dimensionally stable. While there are many variations in colour and grain texture, White Oak heartwood is light brown with a sometimes grey or pink cast. White Oak sapwood is white to cream. European oak shows very even color variation from one plank to another and shows some interesting grain pattern. It also absorbs stain a lot more than a regular north american oak would.

Hickory heartwood is tan or reddish; sapwood is white to cream, with fine brown lines. The grain is closed, with moderate definition; somewhat rough-textured. 

Heartwood ranges from a deep, rich dark brown to purplish black. Sapwood is nearly white to tan. Difference between heartwood and sapwood colour is great; some flooring manufacturers steam lumber to bleed the darker heartwood colour into the sapwood. Walnut grain is mostly straight and open, but some boards have burled or curly grain. Arrangements of pores is similar to hickories and persimmon, but pores are smaller in size. There is a great variety of colour and figure within species, as well as variation in colour among boards, especially in lower grades and from material that is not steamed prior to kiln-drying.

Janka Hardness Test
Keep in mind that one of the most important strength properties for wood used in flooring is its side hardness, which is determined with the Janka hardness test. Side hardness refers to a wood’s resistance to wear, dents and marks. The Janka hardness rating for each species is based on an average of tests to the wood samples. Because the test is conducted on the material in its “raw” state, meaning without the finish, it is not something that the average user of hardwood flooring needs to consider. Rest assured that your retailer will provide you with an engineered hardwood flooring that will meet both your design requirements and your practical needs.


Beaulieu Canada offers coordinating moulding accessories to perfectly complement your engineered hardwood floors:

A reducer molding provides a smooth transition between hardwood flooring and other floor coverings with different heights.

Square nose
A square nose molding is used to finish the flooring edge at a staircase or for sharper transition between different levels of flooring compared to a reducer.

Stair nose
The stair nose molding is used to finish each stair and the flooring edge at a staircase.

The T-molding is used in doorways or entryways or for transition between same levels of flooring.

Our engineered hardwood brand & collections

UrbanTerraTM, our engineered hardwood brand, regroups all of our products, since they all have the same construction. This means the differentiating factor comes from the collections which regroup the styles that offer the same colors, features, plank width, length or thickness, etc. Search our top features with the filters provided to you on the website.

Beaulieu Canada’s UrbanTerraTM is inspired by a European stream. Get the everlasting look of hardwood but with a modern construction. Neutral tones are featured in the UrbanTerraTM collections and many widths and lengths are available to correspond to your every need.

Aristocraci: Royal shades for a distinctive décor

This collection offers three elegant styles with rich colors to complement any décor! Made of high quality wood species, you’ll get a long-lasting flooring that will enhance the beauty of your home, while increasing its value.

Artisans: Walk back in time

These six vintage styles will bring an air of ease to your home décor. Ranging from pale to dark, there is a color for every taste. For an antique yet modern look, choose the Artisan collection.

Classik: Simplicity is its own masterpiece

Choose from one of our six wisely picked neutrals to create the perfect canvas for your home, whatever your decorating tastes are. They are timeless, long lasting and easy to maintain, for a décor that won’t go out of style. This collection highlights certain styles that feature Designer's Choice at its best. Showing extreme color variations will bring a unique feel to your home.

Distinguished: Flooring that stands out

The products in the Distinguished collection can be easily installed on any floor level of your home, even over embedded radiant-heated floors. The random lengths and stylish colors of these products will give a very modern look to your décor. Their soft handscraped, brushed and distressed finish gives a natural feel to your room.

Heritage: There is no better heritage than a home filled with memories

Sometimes, it’s all in the details! The Heritage collection combines three beautiful styles with an authentic handscraped finish that offers a natural look and warm feel. If you are looking for a luxurious look, these styles are definitely your go-to option.

Pizzazz: Fall's beauty; blazing leafs

This collection speaks for itself. The wire-brushed finish gives a beautiful and authentic look to these UV-oiled planks, without compromising the resistance. This collection comes in random lengths, for a more natural effect. Products in the Pizzazz collection are easy to install, stable and resistant to humidity so you can get the authentic look in any room in your home, including the basement.

Regale: Rich and complexe hues, a delight for your home

Pick from eight beautiful styles that will instantly enhance your home. The Regale collection is a great option for almost any room in your house since it offers visuals with magnificent color variations. Wood floors have become one of the most versatile flooring choices available. This collection highlights certain styles that feature Designer's Choice at its best. Showing extreme color variations will bring a unique feel to your home.

Hilltop: The classical elegance of modern times

With Hilltop, you will get the everlasting look of hardwood, but with a modern construction. This collection's products can be installed in different ways, all of which being equally easy: floating, nailed, stapled or glued. In addition, these engineered hardwood products are compatible with embedded radiant heating . As a matter of fact, you opt for trendiness and elegance. Whether it’s in a grey or brown hue, you’ll know you picked a flooring that will stand the test of time. This beautiful style will instantly add value to your home. This collection features Designers Choice at its best. Showing extreme color variations will bring a unique feel to your home.

Symphony: Creating perfect harmony with your décor

The Symphony collection is composed of products designed to create a perfect harmony with your décor. Thanks to the choice of colors, you can be sure to have a trendy environment. Speaking of the environment, the Symphony collection, being true to our engineered hardwoods, is eco-friendly and leaves a reduced eco-footprint. A collection that has definitely everything to please!

Opera: Classics redefined

Let yourself be tempted and charmed by the woody touch of the products in the Opera collection. The modern shades of grey and blond, as well as very dark browns for a more classic look, will also harmonize with the rooms of your contemporary home. The planks have a UV-cured oil finish which gives a natural look and remarkable resistance. The Opera Collection will add a redefined classic look to your décor.

Mountain View: Design reaches new heights

With its classic beauty and great durability, you can rest assured that Mountain View will be the perfect choice for your home. Engineered wood floors are one of the most versatile flooring choices available. You will love the fact that its quality is assured by certified inspectors, that it's easy to install and maintain and that you will never get bored admiring its authentic handscraped finish! Featuring magnificent visuals and natural color variations, this collection is a great option for almost any room in your house. Mountain View offers neutral tones that will harmonize with almost any décor imaginable. This collection features Designers Choice at its best. Showing extreme color variations will bring a unique feel to your home.

West End: Our wisdow through historic landmarks

When choosing a product from the West End collection, you actually opt for trendiness and elegance. Whether it’s in a gray, blonde or brown hue, you’ll know you picked a flooring that will stand the test of time.

Vintage: Crafted over time

This collection offers the class of hickory in two elegant hues, from pale to dark. These styles will bring a timeless quality and add warmth to your home, without a doubt. Authentically handscraped, wire-brushed and distressed, these wood floors will be a classic hit. This collection features Designers Choice at its best. Showing extreme color variations will bring a unique feel to your home.

Installation methods

Various installation methods are available to you or your installer for this product category. The recommended installation method can differ depending on the edges and the subfloor. Being aware of your environment is key to select what method suits your needs and your room.

Nail or Staple
Most solid hardwood floors must be installed using either the nail or staple method. Both options can be used for engineered floors that have a tongue and groove edge. Whether you choose nails or staples depends on the product, the substrate (the surface you are covering) or both.

Glue or Adhesive
This method is required when installing tongue and groove engineered hardwood on substrates that cannot be stapled or nailed.

This method applies to engineered hardwood flooring that features a “click” locking system. The floating installation system can be quickly and easily assembled and taken apart throughout the life of your product.

Features & certifications

Beaulieu Canada cares about offering the best possible products. It’s with that in mind that features and certifications are carefully selected in order to provide the best of the best to you and your family. Products are designed to fit your expectations, and more.

Beaulieu Lab Certified


Designers' Choice


We know better than to send you home with the wrong products. We also know that most of the logos above probably don’t mean much to you but they are SO important in terms of understanding the true benefits your flooring has to offer. Follow the link below to read more about the great benefits of each flooring good.

Care & warranty

Keep your floors longer and in better condition by following the proper care and installation instructions. We did craft these products, we know what we are talking about! Follow our advice and take proper care of your new flooring the way it should be by following our experts’ tips and tricks in the “Documents and guides” section of the website. You’re welcome!

Care & maintenance

Following installation, clean your hardwood surface with a no-rinse product for prefinished hardwood. Standard maintenance should consist of sweeping, vacuuming or dust mopping on a regular basis so as to not damage the surface of your floor with built-up grit. Frequency of cleaning will depend on the amount of traffic your floor receives. Remove spills or liquids immediately so they do not harm your floors.


Beaulieu Canada offers great warranties so you have peace of mind after your purchase. Flooring is made for living and we understand that. In order to benefit from our warranties, take note of what you need to do as a consumer by reading the complete engineered hardwood warranty guide.