Learn all you need to know about sheet vinyl!

Vinyl flooring is also called ‘’resilient’’ flooring because it characteristically ‘’bounces back’’ from the weight of objects that compress its surface. It can be described as smooth surfaced flooring manufactured by combining plastic with filler and pigments, then processed into sheets. This type of flooring is made to withstand high-traffic and high-moisture areas of the home. Due to its advanced print technology, vinyl flooring realistically replicates the look and texture of many natural materials like hardwood, stone and ceramic.

Sheet vinyl construction

Sheets are processed on large drums or made by coating a thin layer of liquid (comprised of vinyl resin, plasticizer, filler and other additives) onto a backing material. This method produces a multi-layered construction typically comprised of a backing, vinyl foam core, decorative layer and clear vinyl layer. The entire product is cured in an oven, then, in some cases, coated with a thin film of urethane.

Patterns are allied to some sheet vinyl flooring using the rotogravure printing method, in which colors and patterns are printed on the surface of the base layer; or by the inlaid method, in which the design goes all the way to the backing. With rotogravure, a rotating cylinder prints colored inks on top of the core layer, offering virtually unlimited possibilities in patterns and designs. The printed pattern is then covered with a clear vinyl wear layer and the product is oven cured. In the inlaid process, solid-colored vinyl chips are laid on top of a carrier sheet and then bonded together, under heat and pressure, creating the resulting pattern.

Textile Backing

Foam Backing

Why should you choose sheet vinyl?

Sheet vinyl advantages are endless wether for its waterproof feature or for being one of the easiest floor covering to install on your own. We also like to think that one of its main advantages you get from sheet vinyl is the variety you can choose from. As a matter of fact, Beaulieu Canada offers various design and look-alikes in this product category because the print technology offers limitless possibilities. This easy to maintain product is also really affordable! Seems pretty perfect, right?

100% Waterproof

Warm and quiet

Resistant to pet stains


Stain resistant and easy to clean

Prevents slips and cushions falls

Can be installed on all floor levels

Suitable for use over embedded heating systems

Understanding top surfaces

This soft finish also increases the slip resistance of the product. The top surface allows flexibility and customization, which creates a lovely finish with various effects depending on the desired look.

A PVC wear layer resist damage and staining. PVC is less flexible than other plastics, making it a little less resistant to temperature variation.

Polyurethane combines the best attributes of plastic and rubber, giving it great flexibility and allowing it to perform well in normal temperature variations. This top surface is more resistant to pressure, which is perfect for a dynamic household.

Our sheet vinyl brands & collections

The two brands in our sheet vinyl offering set themselves apart by their type of backing. This main feature implies, among other things, different installation methods and acoustics properties, yet never diminishes the beauty of the visuals offered by this product category.

Beaulieu’s sheet vinyl is known for its durability and its broad range of colors and designs. What does the new Tex collection provide that ordinary sheet vinyl doesn’t? When you choose Tex, you are choosing realistic visuals, comfort, and durability and an easy-to-install flooring, thanks to its glueless technology. Its textile backing provides underfoot warmth and comfort, plus it has soundproofing properties which reduce ambient noise. Sheet vinyl with textile backing also helps hiding subfloor imperfections.  

Foam backing is an essential composite of a sheet vinyl product. This layer provides underfoot warmth and comfort which is why we easily fall for sheet vinyl. This cushioning effect also absorbs noises for a lovely and calm home. Sheet vinyl with foam backing is affordable and allows you to meet your desires in terms of style and color without going over budget. Beaulieu Canada offers products having Power Bac and Comfort Bac foam backings.

Metro: Soothing nature

Sheet vinyl with foam backing offers excellent benefits including being waterproof and affordable. All sheet vinyl products are tested to ensure that the flooring meets or exceeds quality standards. Slip resistant, warm, quiet, and resistant to pet stains, Metro is perfect for high-traffic areas such as kitchens and hallways. Metro offers either ceramic or wood imitations to complement your décor and ensure your residential project looks amazing!

BlackTex HD: Celebrate the new generation

Blacktex HD is the next generation of luxury vinyl roll available in 13’1” width and bursts of benefits. Blacktex HD offers new inks, durability, improved embossing technology and advancements in its wear layer. The textile backing brings improved interior sound properties and comfort underfoot. Within this innovative brand launching 30 new SKUs, Blacktex HD drastically improves the designs, colors and textures. Can you already imagine how stunning your flooring will be?

Canvas: A pattern can do it all

Inspired by Da Vinci, Vermeer and Picasso, the Canvas collection will charm you with its tile patterns while providing a stain resistant coating. It might awaken the artist in you!

Kreation: Feel the mediterranean vibe

If you like patterns, the Kreation collection if for you. The styles it offers are inspired by Mediterranean architecture and aesthetic. With a Kreation floor covering in your home, you’ll almost be able to smell the sea breeze!

Philosophik: May your home be the perfect place to retreat

Always dreamt of a wood-looking floor covering in your bathroom? Go ‘’off limits’’ with the Philosophik collection: a waterproof sheet vinyl that looks like wood. Reaching for an elegant look has never been that easy!

Pietro: Don't be scared of taking the rocky road

The Pietro collection shows that vinyl is far from outdated! With its innovative designs of tiles, wood and concrete, it will definitely rock your floor. Its 10 different styles give you access to an unprecedented, prolific, and diverse array of choices.

Tex ™: Peek into the wilderness

When you choose Tex, you are selecting realistic visuals, comfort and durability and an easy-to-install flooring, thanks to its glueless technology. One thing you'll love about the sheet vinyl products from the Tex collection is that they are 100% waterproof! So you can integrate wood visuals into a room like your bathroom or laundry room.

Tex Ultra: Every cloud has a silver lining

Our Tex Ultra collection of sheet vinyl offers a wide range of choices with designs that can be funky or have wood visuals with a rustic look. The advantage of sheet vinyl is that you can add a touch of wood look anywhere! Stain resistant, 100% waterproof and easy to install, you won't be able to resist!

Tex Pro: Strong and magnificient as far as the eyes can see

The Tex Pro sheet vinyl products bring comfort and durability. They are easy to clean and to install because of their glueless technology. Their textile backing feature hides subfloor imperfections and their thicker wear layer makes them suitable for commercial use. If you’re more a concrete or wood-type person, you’ll be served with the Tex Pro design selection, very neutral and oh-so modern and sleek!

Royal: Live up to your standards

Bring an air of prestige to your home decor with the Royal collection. These elegant styles are worthy of Europe’s greatest castles, without the excessive price tag. Playing the aristocrat has never been this fun!

Theatrika: Let your floor take the center stage

If you wish to have a durable and cost effective floor covering that brings the warmth and nobility of wood, the Theatrika collection is for you. Let its superb and versatile styles charm you.

Installation methods

Sheet vinyl is the DIY product by excellence. It is one of the easiest ones to install on your own and there are various installation methods, depending on the size of the room you are installing the product in. In comparison to most products in other categories, sheet vinyl only requires to be laid down and cut while other products require more steps, such as laying the planks or tiles, selecting the installation pattern, applying glue, nailing or clicking all of the pieces together.

Loose Lay
A vinyl flooring installation method in which the flooring is not bonded to the substrate by any adhesive.

Full Spread
A vinyl flooring installation method in which the adhesive is troweled over the entire substrate.

Perimiter adhered with glue
A vinyl flooring installation method in which the adhesive is only applied to the perimeter of the flooring.

Perimiter adhered with double face tape
This is a vinyl flooring installation method in which the double face tape is only applied to the perimeter of the flooring.

Features & certifications

You should never worry about your products not being safe and environmentally-friendly. As a matter of fact, Beaulieu Canada makes sure of this for you. All features and certifications ensure that our products meet industry standards and are safe for the whole family. And we work hard to ensure that our products meet your values, so look for the following logos on our in-store samples or on the website. 

Beaulieu Lab Certified

E1 Certified


Phtalates Free

We know better than to send you home with the wrong products. We also know that most of the logos above probably don’t mean much to you but they are SO important in terms of understanding the true benefits your flooring has to offer. Follow the link below to read more about the great benefits of each flooring good.

Care & warranty

Keep your floors longer and in better conditions by following the proper care and installation instructions. We did craft these products, we know what we are talking about! Follow our advice and take proper care of your new flooring the way it should be by following our flooring experts’ tips and tricks in the “Documents and guides” section of the website. You’re welcome!

Care & maintenance

Vinyl floors are a tough, wear and stain resistant flooring option that can handle heavy traffic. As with any material, however, proper cleaning and maintenance are important to keep your vinyl floors looking beautiful.

  • Regular sweeping and vacuuming
  • Occasionally mop with a microfiber mop (or equivalent) with mild neutral detergent
  • Wipe up spills with a clean cloth before they dry


Beaulieu Canada understands the importance of a carefree environment and easy-to-maintain environment, which is what it offers you. Plus, you get generous warranties to make sure that you are satisfied with your product selection for years to come. See the warranty guide to know the steps you need to follow in order to qualify for the complete warranty.