Learn all you need to know about carpet tiles!

Carpet tiles bring you the flexibility that you need for installation purposes but also for you to get creative with your flooring design. In fact, mixing and matching has never been this easy. They’re also suitable for high traffic and so easy to replace if you believe one piece doesn’t do your space justice. Peel one off and replace. Yup, that’s why we love them too!

Why should you choose carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles come with various advantages. An obvious one is their easy installation and replacement. In fact, if you believe one tile is wearing out because of high traffic, you can simply peel it off and replace it! Carpet tiles are always a great product because of their acoustic properties as well as their natural slip resistance. With Nyluxe and InnoFibe fibers, you can also count on easy cleanability and everlasting color.

Design flexibility

Stain resistant & easy to clean

High performance

Low VOC emissions

Prevents slips and cushions falls

Warm & quiet

Understanding carpet tile constructions

Choose your carpet tile construction with care as it will influence the look and feel of your flooring altogether. Most constructions will give you the flexibility in creating your very own installation pattern. The backing also provides some great features like sound proofing and comfort underfoot. Find your perfect combo: style, construction and weight! The following constructions come in various types, some tighter than others and some with more pile length, resulting in various textures. 

Cut Pile
Cut pile carpet tiles are known for their casual appeal. Their twisted cut fibers diffuse light so as to mask foot and vacuum marks, making them carpet construction a popular choice for family rooms and children’s bedrooms as well as office spaces.

This carpet tile keeps the loops uncut and intact with even or various heights, thus creating a lovely pattern or a linear look. The loops can be produced in uneven heights for texture or level for durability. Loop carpets are suitable for high-traffic areas of the home.

Cut & Loop
These tiles offer a combination of various cut and loop fibers of different heights to create a multitude of distinct patterns, giving the illusion of several different tones from the same yarn color. These tiles can be stunning in both wall-to-wall and area rug configurations.

Fiber types

Last but not least, the carpet fiber is what influences the colorfastness, the softness and the quality of your carpet tiles. Some are most lasting and some are better known for the affordable price! Depending on your needs and where you will install your carpet tiles, it’s important to select a style with the right fiber type.

Nylon is the most versatile and widely-used of all fibres, providing both durability and resiliency. Nylon comes in two forms: type 6 and 6.6.

Also known as olefin, polypropylene will not absorb water and must therefore be solution dyed to impart colour. The colour is built into the fibre and becomes an inherent part of the carpet. The carpet’s colour will not fade even when exposed to intense sunlight, bleaches or other harsh chemicals. While it has great anti-staining and anti-static properties, polypropylene fibre has a low melting point and is thus not as resilient as other synthetic fibres such as nylon.

Our carpet tile fiber brands & collections

Our carpet tile fiber brands will vary by fiber type, which impacts the texture, durability and overall look of the final product and its overall cost. Both InnoFibe® and Nyluxe® brands showcase great products with excellent warranties and trendy design. Learn more about both brands by following the links below!

InnoFibe® Tiles is made of polypropylene, one of the most fade-resistant and cost-effective fibers on the market. It absorbs virtually no moisture, so you are guaranteed to get longer-lasting carpet tiles. This solution-dyed fiber already has the colors added prior to production of the carpet tiles, which makes them very resistant to stains and provides dazzling, ever-lasting coloring, two great advantages for a space where the lifestyle is active or for an office space. Thus, they are perfectly suitable for the areas most prone to spills and stains.

What’s unique with InnoFibe®, it’s that the fiber has a great color-fading and stain resistance. So, when it's looped in berber style, the carpet tile can easily recreate a wool-like texture and look. On top of this, its interesting patterns and attractive colors will entice anyone who walks in your home or office.

Nyluxe® Tiles breaks new ground in styling with carpets featuring patterns and textures so perfect they have to be walked on to be fully appreciated. These carpets are made with nylon, but not just any nylon, it is Nyluxe®, a premier brand made exclusively by Your HomeStyle.

Mainstreet Tiles - InnoFibe: Corportate with a twist

Mainstreet-InnoFibeTM carpet tiles are an easy and quick fix for any small office or home office flooring. Its colors were conceived to fit any office space regardless of your corporate colors or furniture. Carpet tiles are a fun floor covering that can be simply installed and replaced. Not recommended in hallways, for interior office space only.

The InnoFibeTM carpet tiles have an outstanding durability and a high resistance to stains. They are solution-dyed, offer lovely patterns and are available in ever-lasting colors. What an interesting advantage for a space where the lifestyle is active or for an office space!

Certifications & treatments

Being a Canadian company is one of the things we are most proud of. On the very same list, we also believe distributing the right products for a safe and lively household is another one of our strong suits. Look for the following features and treatments to find the perfect product for your needs!

Green Label Plus



Stainproof for life

We know better than to send you home with the wrong products. We also know that most of the logos above probably don’t mean much to you but they are SO important in terms of understanding the true benefits your flooring has to offer. Follow the link below to read more about the great benefits of each flooring good.

Care & installation

Keep your floors, better and longer by following the proper care and installation instructions. I mean, we did craft these products, we know what we are talking about! Follow our advice and care for your new floor the way it should be by following our flooring experts’ tips and tricks in the “Documents and guide” section of the website. You’re welcome!

Installation tips!

Before installation, all other remodelling intended in the room should be completed, such as painting or wallpapering. Check the clearance at the bottom of doors to be sure they will swing freely over the new carpet tiles. If the doors do not clear, arrange to have them trimmed. Most installers will not be able to do this for you. Make sure your carpet tiles or planks come from the same batch before installing them. It’s important because this may cause inconsistencies. Lay the carpet tiles or planks in the room you are looking into redoing and let them accustom to the room temperature for 48 hours. Check which adhesives are recommended for your product and make sure to match it. Be sure to ask the retailer about additional services such as removal and disposal of older flooring and moving furniture. (Additional fees may apply). Various installations can be done with tiles and planks and that’s what makes them so fun!


This pattern definition is the most traditional. All tiles must face the same way. That’s what creates the pattern in its true impression.

Quarter turn
The quarter-turn pattern creates a circular movement because like the name states, each tile is turned 90o clockwise to show a different design.

As crazy as it sounds, a random installation is a technique that allows the tiles to be oriented in any direction, creating an eclectic yet playful look.

A brick installation has to do with lining all tiles the same way but bricking them to create a linear and controlled pattern. Just like a brick wall.

This installation creates movement in a vertical way. In fact, similarly to the brick pattern, you’ll fix two tiles one over the other, then create your linear pattern by offsetting the next line of tiles on the right at a different height.

Care & maintenance

There are four simple tips to keep your carpet beautiful.

Use entrance mats
Place walk-off mats inside and outside entrances to your home to trap soil before it can be tracked in. Be sure to clean mats weekly to ensure they don’t become soil sources. Avoid latex-backed runners which may yellow the carpet.

Vacuum regularly
Regular, thorough vacuuming will remove dust and gritty dirt particles and reduce the abrasion that can dull and wear carpet fibres. A rotating brush power-head vacuum raises the carpet pile while it removes the soil. Change the vacuum bag often. To reduce matting, change the direction of vacuuming occasionally. Attention: some vacuums have aggressive brushes that may damage the pile surface. Refer to the Carpet and Rug InstituteTM (www.carpet-rug.org) for approved vacuum cleaners and details.

Clean up spills immediately
Prompt attention to spots and spills will make removal easier. Always blot the area being cleaned, never rub, scrub or brush. If stain persists, use the cleaning method described in the Spot Removal Guide.

Schedule professional cleanings
Choose a qualified cleaning service, experienced in the latest techniques for advanced generation fibres and have your carpet professionally cleaned every 12-18 months (keep all receipts for proof of cleaning). High traffic areas and lighter carpet colours may require cleaning more often. Hot water extraction is the preferred method, using products which are non-cationic and have a pH level less than 10. Non-approved cleaning products or treatments will void your warranty.