Learn all you need to know about engineered luxury vinyl!

Engineered luxury vinyl (ELV) planks and tiles' construction is multi-composite and is the most advanced and stable to date. This type of flooring is manufactured to withstand high-traffic and high-moisture areas of the home. Due to its advanced print technology, ELV flooring realistically replicates the look and texture of many natural materials like hardwood, stone and ceramic.

Engineered luxury vinyl construction

Vinyl products are one of the fastest growing segments in the flooring industry. Engineered luxury vinyl combines realistic visuals and state-of-the-art performance construction. This flooring offers beneficial features such as water and stain resistance and enhanced durability for long-term us. With 70% vinyl and 30% calcium carbonate, these products are sure to survive the canadian weather!

Rigid core engineered luxury vinyl
ELV comes in many varieties and over the years we’ve created a rigid core product that is more resistant to residual indentation and offers excellent dimensional stability. Thanks to the enhanced ceramic bead technology, its scratch resistance is also another feature you will not want to go without. 


HydraLuxe - Cork Backing

HydraLuxe Rigid - Cork Backing

HydraLuxe Rigid - Foam Backing

Why should you choose engineered luxury vinyl?

Engineered luxury vinyl is waterproof and has the best cleanability and durability features. You can install it in any room of your home for those very reasons. With its antimicrobial surface finish, you can rest assured that your flooring is safe for your family. Its rigidness and sturdy construction allow installation over many types of subfloor. And the simple click-system installation guarantees that your planks and tiles will look great!

100% Waterproof

Resistant to pet stains

Antimicrobial surface finish

Hides subfloor imperfections, even when installed over existing flooring

Can be installed on all floor levels

Suitable for use over embedded heating systems


Your HomeStyle offers various molding options to fit your décor and to perfectly match your products. Depending on the overall look you’re looking for, moldings bring a special touch. Pay attention to details, from the flooring selection to the accessories that complement it.

This molding provides a smooth transition between floor coverings of different heights.

Stair Nose
This molding is used to properly finish each step of a staircase and to enhance the beauty of a landing. It offers a beautiful finish because it is installed flush with the floor covering.

This molding is used in doorways and entryways or for transition between floor coverings of the same height. Transition moldings are required every 60 feet (18.29 m) in any direction and at all doorways.

Our engineered luxury vinyl brands & collections

Our brands differentiate themselves by their construction. HydraLuxe is our brand of regular ELV and HydraLuxe Rigid, well our rigid ELV obviously! This makes it easier for you to shop through our broad range of engineered luxury vinyl products.

HydraLuxe® is a high-end engineered luxury vinyl product. It is offered in colors that stand out while giving an authentic wood look but with better cleanability features than real wood such as water resistance. It is also stable in its environment for resilient products.

HydraLuxe Rigid® is Your HomeStyle’s rigid engineered luxury vinyl brand. This core product features all that HydraLuxe has to offer but with an extreme wear layer resistance as well as dimensional stability never seen before. This product is built for the Canadian homes undergoing extreme temperatures.

  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Will not curl or expand/contract
  • More resistant to residual indentation
  • Very sturdy - can withstand heavy furniture such as kitchen cabinets

Find the collection that is right for you!

Allegory: Everything becomes allegory

The Allegory collection offers rigid engineered luxury vinyl (SPC) tiles with very interesting visuals. You will undoubtedly be amazed by the marble visuals in shades of black, grey and white, by the travertine styles, as well as by the modern visuals with a touch of lace patterns. Perfect for a décor that reflects an urban and active lifestyle, just like yours! The high-density rigid core ensures that the engineered luxury vinyl products from the Allegory collection are made to withstand extreme temperature (-4 to 122 °F / 20 to 50 °C). In addition, the wear layer is highly resistant and the foam backing provides warmth, comfort and additional soundproofing. All advantages that make it a good option for basements and cottages!

Pioneer: In search of discovery and winds of change

The Pioneer collection offers sassy looks with a woody design. Perfect to enhance a décor inspired by the natural elements, these floor coverings will please your contemporary side. They can be installed in any room and are waterproof.

Cove: Our best kept secret

Ideal for your family’s everyday use, Cove features neutral tones. It’s a fit for any room of your home.

This rigid engineered luxury vinyl (SPC) planks collection highlights certain styles that feature Designer's Choice at its best. Showing extreme color variations will bring a unique feel to your home.

Expedition: Inspiration comes from the journey not the destination

The Expedition collection offers products featuring rich colors and textures for a refined look. They can be installed anywhere, even over embedded radiant‑heated floors. Give a modern touch to your décor with 12 stylish designs.

This collection highlights certain styles that feature Designer's Choice at its best. Showing extreme color variations will bring a unique feel to your home.

Journey: With every journey in an urban world, a natural touch dominates

The Journey collection includes floor coverings with surfaces that are pleasant to the touch and remind us of wood in its raw state. These products are waterproof and can be installed in any room. Let yourself be tempted by one of the rich available colors. Journey is a smart choice when you're looking for a product that will adapt to your active lifestyle.

Peninsula: Style surronded by quality

With its cork backing and locking system, the Peninsula collection offers products with a construction that is the cream of the crop of our rigid engineered luxury vinyl (SPC) planks product line. The colors correspond to earth tones and are perfect for a contemporary décor. The planks are very long and wide and they are easy to install. You might be a builder or you might have a new construction project in mind and you need to store a few boxes? You will not have to worry about temperature fluctuations because Peninsula is 100% waterproof, while offering the toughest resistance to wear and temperature changes (from -4 °F up to 122 °F).

This collection highlights certain styles that feature Designer's Choice at its best. Showing extreme color variations will bring a unique feel to your home.

Playa: Our interpretation of a sweet escape

This high-end rigid engineered luxury vinyl (SPC) plank collection is the vision of a sweet getaway in your own home. Inspired by a warm and soft escape at the beach, it is offered in a range of pleasant colors that will suit every taste. The cork backing provides a great thermic and acoustic insulation and makes it perfect for high-traffic areas.

This collection highlights certain styles that feature Designer's Choice at its best. Showing extreme color variations will bring a unique feel to your home.

Installation methods

Engineered luxury vinyl is one of our top products in terms of installation because we partner with the best suppliers to showcase easy-to-use locking systems. Learn more about this method below!

Locking system
Glueless and effortless is what a locking system, thus floating installation, is all about. It’s super easy and permits you to install directly on top of most floorings and subfloors. How do you like having such an easy renovation?  

Features & certifications

We know you care about your home and your family more than anything, and we do too. That’s why all of our products are BLC certified in order to meet your highest expectations. We ensure that the products you purchase exceed industry standards and help you live a better life.

Beaulieu Lab Certified


Phtalates Free

Designers' Choice

We know better than to send you home with the wrong products. We also know that most of the logos above probably don’t mean much to you but they are SO important in terms of understanding the true benefits your flooring has to offer. Follow the link below to read more about the great benefits of each flooring good.

Care & warranty

Keep your floor coverings longer and in better condition by following the proper care and installation instructions. We did craft these products, we know what we're talking about! Follow our advice and take proper care of your new flooring the way it should be by following our experts’ tips and tricks in the “Documents and guide” section of the website. You’re welcome!

Care & maintenance

Engineered luxury Vinyl floors are a tough, wear and stain resistant flooring option that can handle traffic and an active lifestyle. As with any material, however, proper cleaning and maintenance are important to keep your vinyl floors looking beautiful.

  • Regular sweeping & vacuuming
  • Occasionally mop with a microfiber mop (or equivalent) with mild neutral detergent
  • Wipe up spills before they dry with a clean cloth



Your HomeStyle offers great warranties so you have peace of mind after your purchase. Flooring is made for living and we understand that. In order to benefit from our warranties, take note of what you need to do as a consumer by reading the complete engineered luxury vinyl warranty guide.