Learn all you need to know about laminate!

Laminate is an easy-to-install flooring option that is designed to realistically resemble several other materials such as solid hardwood and tile. With its durable structure, versatility and cost-effectiveness, laminate flooring is a great choice for active households.

Laminate construction

Laminate floors are composed of several layers bonded together for better stability. They are also extremely durable due to structured materials like melamine and fibre board that make up each layer.




Why should you choose laminate?

Laminate has great advantages that we won’t keep a secret! Known for its awesome wood look-a-like visuals and forever possibilities, laminate is the product of exception for scratch-resistance. Best product for an active home, we like to say it helps you live better! Now available in some water-resistant collections, laminate is your go-to product for so many good reasons, as showcased below.

Easy to install


Ultra-durable, scratch-resistant wear layer

Stain resistant and easy to clean

Can be installed on all floor levels

Suitable for use over embedded heating systems

Laminate finishes

Finish is really important as it adds realism to the laminate overall look. Following the natural wood grain or stone look, it gives the product a touch of authenticity, creating a great knock-off. No one will notice the difference!

Registered embossed
Registered embossed technology precisely matches texture with the underlying decorative pattern on each flooring plank, creating a stunning level of realism.

Subtle texturing that replicates the timeless look of hand-crafted flooring.

A mat finish brings a modern touch to any flooring product and a mat finish product reflects much less light, creating a softer-looking surface. The flat effect doesn’t show any imperfection from scratches.

Stone embossed
Get a natural stone finish inspired by the pebbles movement on the planks. Imitating the ceramic finish, this texture relates to its visuals.


Your HomeStyle offers coordinating molding accessories to perfectly complement your laminate floors. Moldings can match or coordinate:

A reducer molding provides a smooth transition between laminate flooring and other floor coverings with different heights.

Square nose
A square nose molding is used to finish the flooring edge at a staircase or for sharper transition between different levels of flooring compared to a reducer.

Stair nose
The stair nose molding is used to finish each stair and the flooring edge at a staircase.

The T-moulding is used in doorways or entryways or for transition between same levels of flooring; it is necessary for installations over 33 feet (10 m).

Our laminate brands & collections

Don’t know where to start? Our brands are here to help you make a better decision according to your needs. Separated by main features and constructions, our laminate brands are grouped by collections based on their launch dates, main benefits and color scheme. This is one of the many ways to shop among our product range.

PrimaPlanks® offers you great flexibility in terms of design and color. Featuring real wood look and feel, PrimaPlanks' diverse selection ranges from rustic to a more classic look. Whichever you choose, it is sure to make your home stand out! With the widest range of color options and textures, our regular line of laminate flooring is perfect for an active household thanks to its tough and worry-free floor covering.

HydraPlanks® is part of a new era of laminate products. It was engineered to facilitate your household chores, buying you extra time to clean up your wet messes. Its innovative sealed edges prevent water absorption, keeping it on the surface. No need for tough luck with Your HomeStyle’s water-resistant laminate.

  • Up to 72 hours spill protection
  • Installation up to 40 linear feet without transition moldings
  • Advanced 5G Välinge locking system prevents end gapping and is easy to install
  • Can be installed in every room of your home and even on walls

Find the collection that is right for you!

Astral: Reach for the stars

The styles of the Astral collection offer the natural look of wood in the most popular colors on the market. Choose one of these stellar floor coverings to create a décor that all your guests will envy for years to come.

Atomic: Trendy Vibe

Atomic is an affordable and luxurious European product. Yes, an accessible flooring combining aesthetics and superior quality. Thanks to its very long-lasting and scratch resistant wear layer, the Atomic laminate flooring is not at the mercy of every day traffic. Easy to install, it ends up being an interesting option for rental projects like condominiums and apartments, as well as home renovations. Atomic laminate flooring comes in very trendy colors. Its matte look will certainly add a modern touch to the room.

Azur: Classics never go out of style

You can't be mistaken with the estheticism of the Azur collection: multiple lengths combined to the smooth and soft handscraped finish imitate hardwood like no other flooring. For a natural and refined look, it is the right product!

Blossum: Nature's most delicate gift

Let a new ambiance bloom in your home! The Blossūm collection features four different styles to give a twist to your décor and give you piece of mind with a 25-year warranty against fade, stain and wear.

Cascada: Soothing and unique flow

The Cascada collection is not only beautiful, it offers European products that have many benefits! We know you have an active life and that small messes, such as those caused by pets or kids, might happen quite a lot. That’s why the products from the Cascada collection are water-resistant up to 72 hours and will stay as beautiful as the day you installed them. The stunning realistic visuals are available in natural colors and on long and wide planks, which are easy to install. A great way to add a trendy touch to your décor!

Epik: Flooring made strong

A collection offering new styles with an earthy, rustic wood-like look, as close to real wood as laminate can get. Products in this collection are stain and wear resistant and provide a great flooring option suitable for all levels of your home.

Esperanza: Changing the world, one plank at the time

The alluring styles of the Esperanza collection will easily modernize your home décor. They are available in an attractive array of colors so you can easily quickly match your new floor covering to the look of your room. In addition, when you purchase an Esperanza product, Beaulieu Canada donates a percentage of the sales revenue to the CURE Foundation. The products of this collection also have an attached pink soundproofing underlayment to show Beaulieu Canada’s support to this foundation.

Esperanza II: Flooring for a cause

The styles of the Esperanza II collection will give a contemporary look to your décor. Featuring neutral tones, it will be easy for you to choose one that will harmonize perfectly with the look of your room. In addition, when you purchase an Esperanza product, Beaulieu Canada donates a percentage of the sales revenue to the CURE Foundation. The products of this collection also have an attached pink soundproofing underlayment to show Beaulieu Canada’s support to this foundation.

Etc...: The perfect combination to make a statement

Looking for an idea to make a small room look bigger? Why not try to change your flooring! The Etc... collection features exceptional widths and lengths to create an instant impression of spaciousness. With a choice of six trendy and beautiful styles, you will find your own in no time!

Excursion: An endless trip for a harmonious décor

Let your mind travel with the trendy colors presented in the Excursion collection. For a modern décor, Excursion offers floor coverings ranging from dark brown to light grey. In addition to a sophisticated and stylish look, you will be surprised by the many advantages of these products, easy to install and maintain!

Exotika II: Your safe haven is closer than you think

The Exotika II collection is inspired by wood species from all over the world. The styles will add an exotic touch to any décor so you won’t have to leave your home to feel on vacation. Moreover, the smooth and soft handscraped finish will give a natural look to your floor covering.

Exotika III: Make a paradise out of your home

The Exotika III collection is inspired by wood species from all over the world. The styles will add an exotic touch to any décor so you won’t have to leave your home to feel on vacation. Moreover, the "feel wood" finish will give a natural look to your floor covering.

Fashion: Avant-garde flooring for modern homes

Let the Fashion collection create a trendy décor for you! The combination of multiple lengths with embossed finish produces a bold and natural look that will never go out of style! Where fashion goes hand in hand with durability, these products are easy to maintain and resistant to wear, scratches and indentation.

Galaxi II: A cosmic revelation

The Galaxī II collection with its trendy natural shades stands out from traditional laminate colors. The taupe, gray and brown colors, paired with 4-sided micro beveled edges, add to the realism of the wood-like visuals. Compared to Galaxī, the Galaxī II collection offers larger planks that are easy to install, thanks to the Välinge 5G Drop Lock system.

Kosmo: Inspiration from beyond

The styles in the Kosmo collection come in planks of multiple lengths so you can get the final look you truly envisioned. You also have the opportuniy to select from rich and deep colors that are guaranteed to bring warmth to your rooms.

Majestik: Take a ride in the suburbs

If you want a floor covering that will bring a raw and natural look to your home décor, the Majestik collection is the right choice for you. Get the beautiful appearance of wood with the simplicity and ease of maintenance of laminate.

Poetik: Flooring that reflects your personality

The Poetik collection offers a vintage, comfortable and natural look. Products in this trendy collection are easy to install and resistant to scratches and indentation. They are also AC4 rated for abrasion resistance and BLC certified.

Prime: The statement your home needs

This collection is produced in multiple widths within the same box and offers rich and luxirious colors, creating an amazing antique look. These laminate products are easy to clean, stain resistant and long lasting. They can be easily installed over embedded radiant-heated floors.

Pur: Sometimes, less is more!

The Pūr collection offers various shades of gray that will help you create a fashionable and contemporary décor. Once glance at the superb styles and you’ll understand why gray has been one of the most popular floor covering colors on the market for the last few years!

Replica: A barn feel

You will be impressed by the splendid color range available in the Replica collection. From soft ash blonds to deep browns and modern grays, you can’t go wrong with a floor covering from this state-of-the-art collection.

Riviera: Inspired by the river flow and its scenery

With easy-to-install and water-resistant products, this collection fits in perfectly with your busy lifestyle. No need to worry about either quality or décor fashion with this collection designed for pets and family.

Zodiac II: Let your home show its true personality

The contemporary hues of the Zodiac II collection will surely enhance the style of any room in your home. We bet that you and your family will love your beautiful floor covering for a very long time.

Installation methods

Laminate is known for its durability which also comes from its installation method.

Glueless Locking System
Due to their easy locking system, laminate products can float on top of most original floors. The planks are held together when the tongue of one plank is ‘clicked’ into the groove of another, making installation fast and efficient. Laminate products can be uninstalled and reinstalled several times throughout the life of your flooring.

Features & certifications

Your HomeStyle is keen the environment, your environment. Rest assured that the products you bring into your home meet the industry standards and have been designed with premium material. Look for these logos on our website and our  in-store samples to shop for the very best laminate products.

Beaulieu Lab Certified



Certified GreenGuard Gold

E1 Certified

TSCA Title VI Compliant

We know better than to send you home with the wrong products. We also know that most of the logos above probably don’t mean much to you but they are SO important in terms of understanding the true benefits your flooring has to offer. Follow the button below to read more about the great benefits  we’ve designed and conceived for each flooring good.

Care & warranty

Keep your floors, better and longer by following the proper care and installation instructions. I mean, we did craft these products, we know what we are talking about! Follow our advice and care for your new floor the way it should be by following our flooring experts’ tips and tricks in the “Documents and guide” section of the website. You’re welcome!

Care & maintenance

Laminate floors are very stain resistant, extremely durable and easy to clean. Use simple cleaning methods, such as:

  • Sweeping
  • Vacuuming or dust mopping regularly


Your HomeStyle offers great warranties because we understand that flooring is made to be lived on. Read carefully about the actions you are required to do as a homeowner to be eligible for the complete warranty.